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(Software Defined DAB Receiver (complete software receiver): Changed qt-dab and welle.io link and text)

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This side informs you about a concept of a open source DAB receiver.

[edit] Existing open DAB/DAB+/T-DMB software receiver

Phon3b small.jpg

[edit] Software Defined DAB Receiver (complete software receiver)

  • Qt-DAB (running on Linux, MacOS and Windows, using RTL2832 based USB dongles, Airspy, SDRplay, HackRF, file input)
  • welle.io (running on Linux, MacOS, Android and Windows, using RTL2832 based USB dongles, file input and Airspy dongles)
  • DAB receiver for gnuradio (by Zurich School of Engineering, documentation in German)

[edit] Software defined DAB receiver (up to logical layer)

[edit] Software defined DAB receiver (from logical layer up to application layer)

[edit] Openmokast

Open Receiver project from CRC using RDI streams from DAB baseband receivers/decoders.

Receiver for the Psion Wavefinder

[edit] Open source DAB receiver (concept)

[edit] Goal

To develop libraries to cover all parts of a full DAB and DAB+ SDR receiver.

  • Well defined library APIs
  • Easy to use APIs
  • Cross platform support (x86, arm, Linux, Windows, etc.)

[edit] Requirements

  • Based on the SDR-J code
  • Use of C++11 to use the threading feature
  • Multicore support
  • cmake as build environment

[edit] Architecture

DAB Receiver Concept.png

Library Name Purpose

Interface to different SDR devices

  • OFDM demodulation
  • Frequency synchronization
  • Time synchronization
  • Output of the digital DAB stream
  • DAB and DAB+ frame decoding (FIC, Superframes etc.)
  • CRC correction
  • Output of MPEG or ACC stream
End user program
  • Place holder for GUIs
  • There can be a QT GUI, a GTK GUI or a Kodi plugin

[edit] API description

  • TBD

[edit] To be discussed

  • Naming of libraries
  • APIs

[edit] GUI Wishlist

  • Easy to use
  • Channel scan
  • High DPI support
  • libnotify support
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