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This side informs you about a concept of a open source DAB receiver.

Existing open DAB/DAB+/T-DMB software receiver

Phon3b small.jpg

Software Defined DAB Receiver (complete software receiver)

  • Qt-DAB (running on Linux, MacOS and Windows, using RTL2832 based USB dongles, Airspy, SDRplay, HackRF, file input)
  • welle.io (running on Linux, MacOS, Android and Windows, using RTL2832 based USB dongles, file input and Airspy dongles)
  • DAB receiver for gnuradio (by Zurich School of Engineering, documentation in German)

Software defined DAB receiver (up to logical layer)

Software defined DAB receiver (from logical layer up to application layer)


Open Receiver project from CRC using RDI streams from DAB baseband receivers/decoders.

Receiver for the Psion Wavefinder

Open source DAB receiver (concept)


To develop libraries to cover all parts of a full DAB and DAB+ SDR receiver.

  • Well defined library APIs
  • Easy to use APIs
  • Cross platform support (x86, arm, Linux, Windows, etc.)


  • Based on the SDR-J code
  • Use of C++11 to use the threading feature
  • Multicore support
  • cmake as build environment


DAB Receiver Concept.png

Library Name Purpose

Interface to different SDR devices

  • OFDM demodulation
  • Frequency synchronization
  • Time synchronization
  • Output of the digital DAB stream
  • DAB and DAB+ frame decoding (FIC, Superframes etc.)
  • CRC correction
  • Output of MPEG or ACC stream
End user program
  • Place holder for GUIs
  • There can be a QT GUI, a GTK GUI or a Kodi plugin

API description

  • TBD

To be discussed

  • Naming of libraries
  • APIs

GUI Wishlist

  • Easy to use
  • Channel scan
  • High DPI support
  • libnotify support
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