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[edit] Ideas for potential future projects

This is a small collection of ideas for developments or research that serves as a reminder, a starting point, and an incentive (e.g. for students).

These projects are part of the more long-term view of the tools, they are not planned yet. If you would be interested in working on such a project, or if you have other ideas, please get in touch with us using the CRC-mmbTools Google Group mailing list

[edit] ODR-DabMod on FPGA

Summary: It is a challenging, and therefore interesting idea in its own respect, to get ODR-DabMod to run on an FPGA platform. Some parts would run on a processor, other parts would be accelerated in custom logic. This would make it possible to use the USRP embedded devices as standalone DAB exciters. The USRP E300 looks promising (Xilinx Zynq).

Keywords: ODR-DabMod, FPGA, signal processing, USRP embedded series, USRP E300, Verilog/VHDL, C++

Proposed by: mpb User:hb9egm

Date: at RadioHack 2013 (Feb 2013)

Remarks: piratfm is doing something in that direction

[edit] Digital Predistortion

Summary: Power amplifiers are not entirely linear. The first step is to look into the possibilities and constraints given by the usual PC (dabmod) + USRP scenario for static predistortion. Then, research has to be done about the possibilities to do dynamic predistortion.

Keywords: ODR-DabMod, modulation, signal processing, C++

Proposed by: MC User:coinchon, mpb User:hb9egm

Date: July 2014


[edit] Dynamic Multiplex Reconfiguration

Summary: The title says it all. Add support for this feature. This will probably require a substantial amount of refactoring of ODR-DabMux, and therefore give the opportunity to make other things better. Requires a good understanding of the DAB standard and the ODR-DabMux implementation.

Keywords: ODR-DabMux, DAB standard, C++

Proposed by: mpb User:hb9egm

Date: July 2014


[edit] Web-based GUI

Summary: To setup a transmission chain composed of programmes from mmbTools requires writing of several configuration files by hand, and some juggling with the right scripts. A web-based GUI could simplify the setup greatly.

Keywords: GUI, web-based administration

Proposed by: Sergio Sagliocco from

Date: June 2014

Remarks: Sergio is working on something here

[edit] (template for new ideas, please copy-paste)

Summary: Describe the idea briefly

Keywords: list of keywords (e.g. modulation, signal processing, monitoring)

Proposed by:



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