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Install scripts for distributions

Debian 8 (Jessie) and Debian 7 (Wheezy)

There is an installer script for Debian wheezy, with experimental support for Debian jessie. It installs

  • uhd (from debian packages)
  • tons of dependencies and build tools (debian packages)
  • ZeroMQ (from source on Wheezy, from the repositories on Jessie)
  • KA9Q libfec (from github source)
  • ODR-DabMux (from github source)
  • ODR-DabMod (from github source)
  • Fdk-aac-dabplus (from github source)
  • Toolame-DAB (from github source)
  • the scripts and examples from mmbtools-aux

It requires sudo to be installed, and must be executed as a regular user (not root).

The script is maintained in the mmbtools-aux repository, and is here: Download is easily possible using


Please make sure you understand what this script is doing before executing it!

Comments/suggestions are welcome (CRC-mmbTools google group -or- GitHub issues)

Changes between squeeze and jessie

Boost has been updated from 1.49 to 1.55, but that should have no impact.

imagemagick has been updated.

mplayer has been replaced by mplayer2, which requires some testing. We have noticed some regressions regarding the resampler functionalty.

Many packages in the dependencies list might have changed names or versions.

Ubuntu 12.04

The Debian script can be adapted to run on ubuntu by removing the build-dep for gnuradio and uhd, and removing the installation of uhd, but it is necessary to install gnuradio with uhd from separate sources before using the script.

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