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Apart from some imagination, creativity and basic knowledge on how to use command line linux what is required for this project:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 model B (might work on Raspberry Pi 2 model B as well, but not yet tested)
  • An micro SD memory card to install the software for your Raspberry Pi on. 8 GB should just be enough.
  • An EasyDAB v2 board, preferably with the latest firmware (at least version 10.10.2016)
  • A router and some UTP cables (just to create a subnet on which to test the set up)
  • A small vertical antenna, of about 36 cm length (don't run the EasyDAB board without it !)
  • A USB keyboard and mouse, plus a monitor with HDMI input (perhaps your TV ?) to connect to the Raspberry Pi
  • An Internet connection, so you can get on line

And some time and persistance, for when things don't work as you supposed they would ;o)

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