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Opendigitalradio has reserved a Private Entreprise Number for SNMP: 51436

OID: (

The goal of the Project SNMP is to make the monitoring statistics available through SNMP.


  1. Understand how to represent our monitoring values in a MIB
  2. Define a MIB structure and write a MIB
  3. Understand how to interface with snmpd and write scripts to connect the mmbTools with snmpd

Things to monitor

Things to monitor for the ODR-mmbTools:

  • ODR-PadEnc
    • Nothing
  • ODR-AudioEnc
    • Nothing. Audio levels are available through ODR-DabMux
  • ODR-DabMux
    • Seconds until expiry of TAI bulletin
    • For each ZMQ input:
      • state (0 Unknown, 1 NoData, 2 Unstable, 3 Silent, 4 Streaming)
      • min buffer
      • max buffer
      • number of ZMQ underruns (overflows at 2^32 - 1)
      • number of ZMQ overruns (overflows at 2^32 - 1)
      • audio level peak, left channel
      • audio level peak, right channel
    • We could add the number of frames encoded, to detect a stuck multiplexer (To be discussed)
  • ODR-DabMod
    • one set of values for CFR
      • Percentage of samples clipped
      • Percentage of errors clipped
      • MER after CFR
      • PAPR before CFR
      • PAPR after CFR
    • The configured TIST offset
    • The current TIST value
    • To be added: The TIST value of the frame FCT=0
    • one set of values for SDR device
      • Number of underruns
      • Number of late packets
      • Number of frames transmitted
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