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[edit] Ideas for CCC Camp 2015

The Camp (for those who don't know what it is) Image

Our village: Lemanicus

Going: Frederike, Matthias, Mathias, Rashid

Tentative: Stan

Subjects we want to look into, do tests, trials, experiments, whatever:

[edit] Software

  • SFN
    • Finalise GPSDO integration
    • Add monitoring to ODR-DabMod
  • Receivers
    • Can we improve dabtools to do measurements ?
    • Channel impulse response measurement
    • Bit error rate
    • Visualise information using dablin
    • Web-based remote monitoring receiver

[edit] Service

Operation of a low power DAB+ multiplex on site with SFN

We transmitted conference audio with slideshow, extracted from the conference video stream.

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Mathias

  • Intel NUC i5
  • One downeast microwave amplifier
  • USRP B200 + GPS SDO
  • Band 3 filter (low power)
  • Yagi antenna


  • Trimble clock

[edit] Rash

  • Repeater ?
  • NUC ?
  • 2x Downeast AMP

[edit] mpb

  • USRP B200
  • a few LEA-M8F GPSDO boards
    • some assembled, some not
  • Some amateur radio stuff


  • USRP B100
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