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CRC-SlideShow is the slideshow encoder from CRC to generate DAB MOT Slideshow. It is currently free but not open source.

[edit] Installation

CRC-SlideShow can be found on the mmbTools CD and copied. It needs the proper libMagick libraries to be installed.

[edit] Usage

CRC-SlideShow fileName [-h] [-v] [-n] [-o outputFileName] [-b targetBitrate] [-p targetImageRate] [-r resolution] [-a addressValue]
[-t transportID]

-h:             Prints this help
-v:             Enable verbose information
-n:             Enable online mode (WARNING: images in source folder will be deleted after usage)
outputFileName: Name of the output file (default = result.bin)
targetBitrate:  Target packet subchannel bitrate -> 8, 16, 24, 32(default), 40, 48, 56, 64
targetImageRate: Target image rate (per minutes) -> [1,...] (default = 20)
resolution:     JPEG image final width -> 160, 320(default)
addressValue:   This parameter is the address of the service to send in
                 packets -> [1 : 1023] (default = 512)
transportID:    This parameter is the first value to use as a Transport
                 ID for the objects. Use this to give new Transpot ID to
                 replace the old files with new ones on the receiver -> [0 : 65535]
                 (default = 0)

Te output file can then be used as input in the multiplexer.

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