DAB/DAB+ encoding

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Encoding the sound to MPEG-2 Layer II for DAB, MPEG-4 HE-AACv2 for DAB+ or video in MPEG-4 H.264 for T-DMB beforefeeding it to the multiplexer.

Tools for audio encoding

  • toolame MPEG-Layer II encoder (DAB)
  • CRC-dabplus HE-AAC encoder (DAB+) from CRC (warning, it is not free/open source because of royalty)


These tools can take a file or a raw PCM stream as input.

  • mpg123 can be used to take Internet radio stream and convert them from mp3 to raw PCM samples. Be careful, it has been noticed that earlier version have a memory leak when resampling. We use version 1.4.3 to avoid the problem.
Example that decode an mp3 stream, resample it to 48kHz and output the raw samples to stdout:
mpg123 -b 1024 -r 48000 -s http://maxxima.mine.nu:8000

Tools for data services encoding

  • CRC-Slideshow : slideshow generator from CRC. TO BE DOCUMENTED.
  • DAB-EPG API from Global Radio Labs
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