DAB modulation

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The modulator takes the ETI stream and produce the complex baseband DAB OFDM signal ready for upconvert at the desired radio frequency.

CRC-DabMod Modulator

Band 3 baseband player

To output the baseband samples to the Software Defined Radio platform (such as USRP) a baseband player is required. The baseband player, send the stream to the platform with additional information about frequency where it must be modulated, gain and other parameters.

  • UHD Band 3 baseband player DAB Band 3 baseband player for UHD driver (generic driver for Ettus USRP products)
  • Band 3 baseband player Gnuradio DAB Band 3 baseband player for USRP1 compatible with Gnuradio from 3 and later. Warning, the very latest version of gnuradio have removed support for gnuradio USRP driver and use only UHD USRP driver.
  • CRC-Dwap.py original baseband player designed by CRC for USRP1 (using gnuradio 2.0)
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