Example of the creation of a multiplex stream of 2 DAB stations

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Creation of a multiplex stream of 2 DAB stations

CRC-DabMux -A ./maxxima.mp2 -b 160 -i 1 -p 3 -A ./fb2.mp2 -b 128 -i 2 -p 3 -S -L "Maxxima" -C -i1 -S -L "Le Mix" -C -i0 -S -L "Banane" -C -i2 -S -L "MeyrinFM" -C -i1 -O file://racor.eti

Creation of an ETI stream of 2 DAB stations out of 2 pre-encoded MPEG Layer II files (maxxima.mp2 and fb2.mp2, encoded using toolame). Service linking of labels "Maxxima" and "MeyrinFM" to maxxima stream.

Result is recorded in an ETI file called "racor.eti"

Modulation and transmission of the recorded file

The file can then be modulated and played on a USRP for RF modulation using the following command:

CRC-DabMod ./racor.eti -l -g1 -r3200000 |CRC-Dwap.py -r3200000 -f-222064000 -u

In this example, ETI file is modulated with CRC-DabMod on baseband at a sampling frequency of 3.2MHz and then baseband signal is played on USRP with CRC-Dwap.py and upconverted at the frequency of 222.064MHz (channel 11D)

Please look at Example of live re-transmission on DAB of an Internet Radio radio station for more details about the commands

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