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CRC-dabplus , HE-AAC DAB+ encoder from CRC.

It is not a free/open source product partly because HE-AAC is subject to royalty payment.

CRC is selling a licence for it. Please visit CRC page on CRC-dabplus for more information



  crc-dabplus [OPTION...]

Help Options:

  -h, --help                           Show help options
  --help-all                           Show all help options
  --help-gst                           Show GStreamer Options

Application Options:

  -b, --bitrate={ 8, 16, ..., 80 }     Output bitrate. Must be 8 multiple.
  -c, --channels={ 1, 2 }              Nb of input channels.
  -d, --data=FILENAME                  Set data filename.
  -g, --fs-bug                         Turn on FS bug mitigation.
  -i, --input=FILENAME                 Input filename. Try -i help for more info.
  -m, --message                        Turn on AAC frame messages.
  -o, --output=FILENAME                Output filename. Try -o help for more info.
  -p, --pad=BYTES                      Set PAD size in bytes.
  -r, --rate={ 32000, 48000 }          Sample rate input.
  -t, --type=TYPE                      Set data type (dls|pad|packet|dg).
  -u, --up                             Speed up for testing purpose.
  -v, --verbose=LEVEL                  Set verbosity level.
  -V, --version                        Print version and exit.
  -w, --down                           Speed down for testing purpose.
  -x, --extra=OPTIONS                  Extra options in the form name1[,property1=value[,property2...]][:name2...].
  -E, --Encode                         Set encoding mode. (default)
  -D, --Decode                         Set decoding mode.
  --mi=[ 0, ... ]                      Set AAC frame messages interval in milliseconds.
  --ma=[ 0, ... ]                      Set AAC frame messages attack time in milliseconds.
  --pi=GST_PIPELINE                    Probe in GStreamer pipeline inserted before the encoder.
  --po=GST_PIPELINE                    Probe out GStreamer pipeline inserted after the decoder.

Licence key

Licence key is a a HASP usb key. Packages are delivered with the package sold by CRC.

However, since Ubuntu 10.04 some tweaks must be done to have it working because of change in USB stack in Linux.

tweaks to simulate /proc/usb:

sudo mount --bind /dev/bus /proc/bus
sudo ln -s /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices /proc/bus/usb/devices
sudo /etc/init.d/aksusbd restart

In Ubuntu 11.04 the last line is a bit different:

sudo mount --bind /dev/bus /proc/bus
sudo ln -s /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices /proc/bus/usb/devices
sudo /usr/sbin/aksusbd restart

You can add these lines into your /etc/rc.local before the existing "exit 0" to have them performed automatically on startup. Otherwise you will have to perform them after every reboot.

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