Start of transmission of new DAB+ stations on Geneva

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Today, 1st May 2014 is the start of the pilot transmission of new DAB+ stations over Geneva for the licence awarded by Swiss OFCOM administration on channel 10D. The transmission is here to stay but is still in testing phase at the moment. It is using free open source tools developed by François Lefebvre and Pascal Charest from CRC since 2007 and continued then under ODR-DabMux for multiplexing, ODR-DabMod for modulation, fdk-aac-dabplus for encoding with Ettus hardware (USRP: Universal Software Radio Peripheral) connected to a power amplifier.

reception report in Commugny

An ensemble of 13 stations is broadcasted with many new stations or stations that never had access to terrestrial radio before:

More information to follow...but please don't hesitate to put your reception reports on our Twitter or Facebook page

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