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Jump to: navigation, search is the USRP complex stream or file replayer command developed by Communication Research Center (CRC) from Canada. It is written in python and is open.

CRC-Dwap takes complex sample as input, configure the USRP and daughterboard and send it to the USRP that is producing the RF signal.

Remark about frequency argument

Frequency argument (-f <FREQUENCY>) of can be either positive or negative. If it is negative, signal will be mirrored. This is useful for use with Basic TX board for example as we use the image frequency for transmission. For DAB transmission in band III, we generally use:

  • BasicTX board: -frequency (negative)
  • WBX and RFX400 modified board: frequency (positive)

Usage: [options] filename1 [-f frequency2 filename2 [...]]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a, --agc             enable agc
  -c CLOCKRATE, --clockrate=CLOCKRATE
                        set USRP clock rate (128e6)
  --copy                enable real to imag data copy when in real mode
  -e ENCODING, --encoding=ENCODING
                        choose data encoding: [s]igned or [f]loat.
  -f FREQUENCY, --frequency=FREQUENCY
                        set output frequency (222.064e6)
  -g GAIN, --gain=GAIN  set output pga gain
  -l, --list            list USRPs and daugtherboards
  -m MODE, --mode=MODE  mode: 1: real, 2: complex (2)
  -o, --osc             enable oscilloscope
                        set input sampling rate (3200000)
  -s, --spectrum        enable spectrum analyzer
  -u, --usrp            enable USRP output
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