DAB multiplexing

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The multiplexer gather different program streams (DAB, DAB+ or T-DMB), produces necessary signalling and output a single 2Mbit/s stream in ETI format (Ensemble Transport Interface).

Multiplexing with CRC-DabMux

Live multiple input

The multiplexer takes files as input. Standard input (/dev/stdin) can be used to get an encoded stream as input. In order to input many live streams, it is necessary to use FIFO files (also called "named pipe") created with "mkfifo" unix command.

Example, with 3 DAB channels (1.ff to 3.ff are

CRC-DabMux -L "LabelSuisse"  -A 1.ff -b 128 -i 1 -S -L "Label1" -C \
-A 2.ff -b 128 -i 2 -S -L "Label2" -C \
-A 3.ff -b 128 -i 3 -S -L "Label3" -C \
-O fifo:///dev/stdout |\

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