DRM/DRM+ Digital Radio Mondiale

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There are some good options in order to receive and transmit DRM30 and DRM+ currently available.

  • Dream The great free software DRM30 receiver and transmitter (see here to use Dream with USRP). Look for Pappradio for an affordable receiver hardware to use with Dream.
  • Spark free (but not free software) DRM30/DRM+ (also FM/RDS and AM/AMSS) transmitter that supports direct RF output (possible hardware options include the USRP and Diragen). Also supports the use of the royalties-free codec CELT.

  • Sodira free (but not free software) DRM30/DRM+ receiver.
  • Diorama, Matlab implementation of a DRM receiver.
  • Wavesink Michael Feilen's DRM+ software receiver which uses the a RTL2832 dongle to receive a DRM+ signal. The only DRM+ receiver that really works.

Receivers modification to get the DRM signal on a soundcard

See also DRM_trial_II_in_Sottens reporting a test transmission made with Spark, USRP and an amateur radio amplifier on the decommissioned MW transmitter mast of Sottens

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