Example of the creation of a DAB+ transmission

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[edit] Create an ETI file containing the DAB+ channel

  • Go to the online web encoder from CRC: CRC DAB+ Web Appliance
  • Submit your audio file, choose the parameters for naming, audio, etc and give your email in the form.
  • An email is then sent back to you when encoding is completed (quick) and download the ETI file.

You can then play this file on USRP with this command (example)

CRC-DabMod ./xxx.eti -l -g1 -r3200000 |CRC-Dwap.py -r3200000 -f-222064000 -u

[edit] Notes

  • Nowaday, there's no open DAB+ encoding method. DAB+ is using a special version of AAC+ (HE-AAC) with a transform length of 960 while all other AAC+ applications use a transform length of 1024. So it is possible to find open implementations of AAC+ 1024 (like the 3GPP reference implementation) but not for 960. AAC+ encoding is subject to a high licence fee (patents, IPR).
  • It seems that receivers equipped with a particular chipset crash when the file is replayed on them ?! This problem needs investigation.
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