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A practical guide for an ODR-mmbtools automated DAB+ micro transmitter using Raspberry Pi and EasyDab v2. May also be useful for other Linux based installations.

Nowadays to transmit a DAB+ ensemble requires little more than

  • the OpenDigitalRadio mmbtools software
  • a Raspberry Pi, and
  • an EasyDAB v2 board

This project aims to provide documentation how to build such a 'micro transmitter' which could be used as the starting point for a low cost DAB+ transmitter for e.g. local radio. It is based on experience from building a system, starting from getting the Raspbian operating system installed, installing the OpenDigitalRadio programs required, configuring and using these, installing supervisor to enable automatic start up and configuring and using the EasyDAB v2 DAB modulator board.

Here's the run down of the steps to take:

  1. Check the RaspDAB Requirements whether you have everything you need
  2. Install Raspbian on the SD card
  3. Some steps to increase security and create a new user
  4. Install the OpenDigitalRadio software
  5. Get ODR-AudioEnc to operate
  6. Use ODR-DabMux to generate the multiplex
  7. Go on air with the EasyDab board
  8. Add Program Associated Data with ODR-PadEnc
  9. Automate operation with Supervisor

And some extra's to help you set up an actual local DAB ensemble:

NOTE: this description is derived from https://github.com/glokhoff/RaspDAB , which will have the latest version. Please post comments or questions using the Github Issues reporting system - G. Lokhoff

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