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Warning! Toolame-DAB is deprecated, now that FDK-AAC-DABplus can encode DAB too

Toolame is an open source implementation of MPEG-1/2 Layer II audio coding. Toolame-DAB is a modified version that supports the MPEG ZMQ output to ODR-DabMux, improved PAD insertion compatible with ODR-PadEnc (for MOT Slideshow and DLS support) and JACK input.

The toolame-dab always uses DAB framing.

Its development is done on github:

[edit] Basic Usage

-s <kHz>: sampling rate in kHz
-p <bytes>: add x PAD bytes to every MPEG frame
-P <padfifo>: take PAD data from the specified FIFO
-b <bitrate>: output bitrate in kbit/s
-j : enable JACK input


toolame -h

for detailed information

Example with alsa input using sox:

sox -t alsa $ALSASRC -b 16 -t raw - rate 48k channels 2 | \
   ../toolame/toolame \
   -s 48  -b $BITRATE /dev/stdin $DST

where $DST is of the form

tcp://<some host running odr-dabmux>:<port>

Taken from this script

Example with stdout as output:

toolame -s 48 -b 128 /dev/stdin /dev/stdout

Reads linear stream from standard input, encode it at 128kbit/s, add 4bytes for DAB PAD and output stream to standard output (this command was typically used, "piped" with other commands for live encoding in a DAB transmission. Now it's better to use the newer ZMQ.)

Example with JACK input and output to ODR-DabMux ZMQ running on localhost

toolame -s 48 -b 128 -j dabenc tcp://localhost:9002

The encoder will create two JACK ports: dabenc:input0 and dabenc:input1

[edit] Source code

Get toolame-dab from

git clone
cd toolame-dab
sudo cp toolame /usr/local/bin

The installed executable is called toolame

The original source for toolame-02l is

[edit] Warning !

A fork of toolame called twolame exists. Despite the fact that the code has been cleaned, twolame has lost DAB support that was present in toolame. So be careful to install toolame-dab and not twolame for DAB tests.

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