UHD Band 3 baseband player

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This tool requires no argument and is just inserted at the end of the (pipe) chain. It takes samples (at 3.2MHz by default) as standard input and send this stream to the USRP RF daughterboard (A side by default). You will need to tweak it if you need to use external synchronisation, etc (Check the source for modifications). It is possible to change the frequency on the GUI interface and filter activation or spectrum display.

Command line options:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --subdev=SUBDEV       Set UHD Subdevice Name [default=A:0]
  -a DEVID, --devid=DEVID
                        Set device id [default=type=usrp1]
  -f FREQUENCY, --frequency=FREQUENCY
                        Set frequency [default=216928000]
  --ant=ANT             Set Antennna Port Name [default=TX/RX]
  -g GAIN, --gain=GAIN  Set TX gain (daughterboard) [default=10]
                        Set Enable postfilter [default=0]
  -r RATE, --rate=RATE  Set Sample Rate for USRP [default=3.2M]

Please note that the activation or de-activation of these functionalities causes interruption of the transmission.


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