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Mathias Coinchon,


President of Opendigitalradio non-profit Association.

I am active in the radio and more specifically digital radio domain from the time of my studies.

Past and present experiences:

  • Ingénieur dip. EPFL sys. com.
  • BBC Research&Development
    • Digital Radio Mondiale
  • Wavecall
    • Propagation GSM/UMTS
    • Contribution/Distribution
    • DAB project
  • European Broadcasting Union
    • Digital Radio,
    • Vice-chairman of WorldDMB technical comittee
    • Secretary of RadioDNS
  • Fréquence Banane
    • Président (1996-97)
    • first permanent low power FM licence
    • temporary FM solution since 2007.

It is important to note that opendigitalradio activities are independent from my professional activity.

Contact: mathias at

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