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Ettus USRP

The Ettus [1] USRP devices are used to transmit DAB signals generated by CRC-DabMod.

There are several devices on the market:

The original USRP, a.k.a. USRP1

This is the one that has been used in the beginning, before the UHD driver replaced libusrp, and is still on the market today because it's the only usrp that supports two daughterboards. While it's been used a lot, it's lack of 1PPS and 10MHz reference clock inputs, and less flexible clock generation requiring resampling on the host makes it less attractive than it's successors. They connect to the host using USB 2.0.

USRP2 and USRP N2xx

The networked series connect to the PC using 1Gbps Ethernet, that allows wider bandwidths. They can be used successfully with CRC-DabMod through the UHD driver.


The successor of the USRP1. It is the cheapest USRP, and is probably the best choice for both experimentation and transmissions with the mmbTools. If you want to start, take the kit with the WBX daughterboard.


More recent development, that has (probably) never been tried with the mmbTools. It lacks shielding. Host connection: USB 3.0.


Contains an embedded ARM processor that cannot be taken advantage of by the mmbTools. Call for volounteers: If you want to port CRC-DABMOD to the USRP E100, doing the modulation on the ARM and the FPGA, please tell !

Daughterboards for USRP and Analog Parts

Find in this section some hardware experiment done with USRP RF front end like daughterboards or external devices (filters, power amplifiers).

The following Ettus daughterboards can be used for transmission in VHF band III:

Basic TX, RFX400 (after modification) or preferably the new WBX daughterboard.

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