DAB measurement

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Measurement&monitoring tools, planning tools.


The XPADxpert aims to display this information with the help of a DAB(+) recording and let interested persons take a look at what exactly is transmitted and to check for possible bugs. It is written in Java and provided as freeware without any warranty.

Radio mobile

Radio Mobile is a free software from Roger Coudé that implements Longley-Rice ITM model to estimate DAB coverage. It can be used with NASA SRTM free terrain model and can use different antenna pattern. The result can be displayed on map or exported as Google Earth format. Model uses terrain height but doesn't take into account buildings and reflections so it is a rough estimation.

Parameters for estimating DAB coverage should be set to:

  • Broadcast, location probability 95%
  • Receiver height 1.5m

Coverage estimation EBU.jpg

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