DAB modulation

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(Band 3 baseband player)
(VHF Band III baseband player (sender))

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The modulator takes the ETI stream and produce the complex baseband DAB OFDM signal ready for upconvert at the desired radio frequency.

CRC-DabMod Modulator

VHF Band III baseband player (sender)

To output the baseband samples to the Software Defined Radio platform (such as USRP) a baseband player is required. The baseband player, send the stream to the platform with additional information about frequency where it must be modulated, gain and other parameters.

Classic gnuradio USRP1 driver (for gnuradio version up to 3.4.2, very stable):

  • Band 3 baseband player Graphical gnuradio DAB VHF Band III baseband player for USRP1.
  • CRC-Dwap.py original baseband player designed by CRC for USRP1 (using gnuradio 2.0)

Recent versions of gnuradio and recent Ettus products requires UHD:

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