DAB modulation

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The modulator takes the ETI stream and produce the complex baseband DAB OFDM signal ready for upconvert at the desired radio frequency.


ODR-DabMod Modulator

Transmission using USRP Hardware

With the current improvements on ODR-DabMod, it is possible to directly use UHD to send data to the USRP, and do the digital filtering inside ODR-DabMod. See DAB hardware for more details.

VHF Band III baseband player (sender)

For crc-dabmod released by CRC, which did not yet contain an integrated UHD output, a baseband player is required to use the USRP Software Defined Radio platform. The baseband player sends the stream to the SDR device, and defines additional settings like transmission frequency, DAC sample rate, gain and other parameters.

Recent versions of gnuradio and Ettus products with UHD:

Deprecated gnuradio USRP1 with libusrp driver (for gnuradio version up to 3.4.2):

  • Band 3 baseband player Graphical gnuradio DAB VHF Band III baseband player for USRP1.
  • CRC-Dwap.py original baseband player designed by CRC for USRP1 (using gnuradio 2.0)

CRC-DabMod Modulator

  • CRC-DabMod is the original DAB modulator from CRC. Project has been stopped by CRC. It has been forked and development continues as ODR-DabMod
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