Demonstration of open source digital transmission chain at IBC

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A full digital radio chain from studio to receivers has been demonstrated by EBU at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam. The demo was including

A license was granted by the Netherlands regulation organism. An EIRP of 10 Watt was covering the site. Everything was included in a single 8 cores computer (2x 4 cores CPU's). Sound processing, Audio encoding & DMB, Multiplexing, Modulation, pre-filtering for the DAB signal, + FM with RDS and DRM !

Various receivers from smart phone to more classic devices were displayed during this setup to demonstrate the on site produced content (audio + enriched metadada like picture & text). A real radio small radio station was built on the stand using a Visual Radio production platform developed by EBU and using Musicmaster music scheduling.

Event pictures:

  • Building the setup, adjustments & debuging...

IMG 0376.jpg

  • The antenna for the Band III. (we were operating on the channel 10A)

IMG 0379.jpg

  • The setup, later when cleaned !

IMG 0412.jpg

  • The transmission platform: Software Radio Defined Everywhere ! DAB in-a-box

IMG 0386.jpg

  • A closer look: PC, USRP's (3x, the third one was on the back) amplifier and mask filter.

IMG 0407.jpg

  • Mask filter (to meet CEPT spectrum mask requirements for DAB).

IMG 0408.jpg

  • One of the 3 views (screen) on the unique machine, this one is the DAB screen.

(Audio capture with Jack, Sound processing, audio encoder, DAB multiplexing and COFDM modulation with pre filtering)

IMG 0409.jpg

  • EBU Visual Radio Production platform !

IMG 0400.jpg

  • Live from IBC2010 !

IMG 0401.jpg

  • DAB with packet mode MOT slideshow on the Iriver B20.

IMG 0395.jpg

  • FM with RadioDNS on the Sony-Ericson Xperia (developped by Global Labs).

IMG 0396.jpg

  • FM with RadioDNS on the Nokia N900 (developped by Global Labs).

IMG 0397.jpg

  • FM with RadioDNS on Chumby One (developped by EBU).

IMG 0404.jpg

  • DAB with RadioDNS on Pure Sensia.

IMG 0402.jpg

  • DAB with RadioDNS on Pure Sensia.

IMG 0403.jpg

  • DAB with RadioDNS on Pure Sensia with live pics from the stand.

IMG 0405.jpg

  • DAB on Iphone via a 'Broadcast Hotspot' from Argo One (Digital receiver with WiFi AP to relay the free to air broadcast signal on a tuner-less device)

IMG 0399.jpg

  • DRM with SlideShow.

IMG 0387.jpg

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