Demonstration of open source digital transmission chain at IBC

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A full digital radio chain from studio to receivers has been demonstrated by EBU at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam. The demo was including

A license was granted by the Netherlands regulation organism. An EIRP of 10 Watt was covering the site. Everything was included in a single 8 cores computer (2x 4 cores CPU's). Sound processing, Audio encoding & DMB, Multiplexing, Modulation, pre-filtering for the DAB signal, + FM with RDS and DRM !

Various receivers from smartphones to more classic devices were displayed during this setup to demonstrate the content produced on site (audio + enriched metadada like picture & text). A real small radio station was built on the stand using a Visual Radio production platform developed by EBU and based on Musicmaster music scheduling.

EBU plan also to release the source code for the Visual Radio platform and the RadioVIS development on the Chumby (open wifi/FM receiver device).

Event pictures:

  • The demo in action

Unknown IMG 9941-radio.jpg

  • Building the setup, adjustments & debugging...

IMG 0376.jpg

  • The antenna for the Band III. (we were operating on the channel 10A)

IMG 0379.jpg

  • The setup

IMG 0412.jpg

  • The transmission platform: Software Radio Defined Everywhere ! DAB in-a-box

IMG 0386.jpg

  • A closer look: PC, USRP's (3x, the third one was on the back) amplifier and mask filter.

IMG 0407.jpg

  • Mask filter (to meet CEPT spectrum mask requirements for DAB).

IMG 0408.jpg

  • One of the 3 views (screen) on the unique machine, this one is the DAB screen.

(Audio capture with Jack, Sound processing, audio encoder, DAB multiplexing and COFDM modulation with pre filtering)

IMG 0409.jpg

  • EBU Visual Radio Production platform !

IMG 0400.jpg

  • Live from IBC2010 !

IMG 0401.jpg

  • DAB with packet mode MOT slideshow on the Iriver B20.

IMG 0395.jpg

  • FM with RadioDNS on the Sony-Ericson Xperia (developed by Global Labs).

IMG 0396.jpg

  • FM with RadioDNS on the Nokia N900 (developed by Global Labs).

IMG 0397.jpg

  • FM with RadioDNS on Chumby One (developed by EBU).

IMG 0404.jpg

  • DAB with RadioDNS on Pure Sensia.

IMG 0402.jpg

  • DAB with RadioDNS on Pure Sensia.

IMG 0403.jpg

  • DAB with RadioDNS on Pure Sensia with live pics from the stand.

IMG 0405.jpg

  • DAB on Iphone via a 'Broadcast Hotspot' from Argo One

(Digital receiver with WiFi AP to relay the free to air broadcast signal on a tuner-less device)

IMG 0399.jpg

  • DRM with SlideShow.

IMG 0387.jpg

For more information, please contact Mathias Coinchon (coinchon at

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