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The multiplexer gather different program streams (DAB, DAB+ or T-DMB), produces necessary signalling and output a single 2Mbit/s stream in ETI format (Ensemble Transport Interface).


Multiplexing with and ODR-DabMux

  • ODR-DabMux Opendigitalradio fork of the Free/open source DAB/DAB+/T-DMB multiplexer from CRC.

This multiplexer can work with a professional modulator by using a E1 G.703 interface card. For example, Farsite is manufacturing an E1 card supported under linux called Farsync TE1.

Live multiple input

The multiplexer can take files, FIFOs or a ZeroMQ connection as input. For a scenario with live multiple input, the preferred interconnection is using ZeroMQ sockets, which can be used to create a very robust setup. The encoders from both toolame-dab and fdk-aac-dabplus support the corresponding ZeroMQ output.

An example configuration which encodes two programmes live is available in the examplesite configuration of the dab-scripts repository.


  • CRC-DabMux is the original free/open source DAB/DAB+/T-DMB multiplexer from CRC. The project has been stopped by CRC. It has been forked by Opendigitalradio and development continues as ODR-DabMux

Other projects

Ensemble Transport Interface

Check Ensemble Transport Interface page for implementations.

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